Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Little Big Impact?
Little Big Impact is a monthly subscription box of curated global handmade items. Each month, our team travels the world and connects with small business owners and remote artisans, and bring their products right to your doorstep. Not only do you get brag-worthy items, you'll also be supporting our world's makers.
How much does Little Big Impact cost?
Little Big Impact Boxes are $15/month, billed monthly. If you sign up for a year-long subscription, the price is $160, $20 off a month-to-month subscription. We also offer a free trial. Check it out here.
Why join Little Big Impact?
Every month, we'll send you a box of up to five products from a small business around the world. Each item is either made by a remote artisan, is Fair-Trade-certified, is sustainable, or all of the above. Open the box and enjoy the unique gift(s) you receive while also knowing part of your purchase supports a small-business owner. It's that simple.
What is a microenterprise?
A microenterprise is a business that operates on a very small scale. In developing countries, microenterprises can represent the majority of the small-business sector. At Little Big Impact, we believe in connecting these small businesses around the world to the broader world economy.
What comes in my Little Big Impact Box?
It varies! When you sign up for a subscription, we'll send you a quick survey to determine what kinds of items you're looking for in your Little Big Impact Box each month. Depending on availability, we offer a mixture of global handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home decor items.
How can I track my Little Big Impact Box?
We'll send you tracking information when your box is shipped! You can expect the tracking info email within the first seven days of the month.