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5 Items That Support Global Animal Conservation

Jun 10, 2017 12:52:52 PM / by Kelsey Balimtas

Help support global animal conservation around the world by purchasing these items. (Bonus: All items feature animals in some capacity. Love.)

1. Grey & Pink 4mm Yoga Mat from Ivory Ella

Elephant conservation yoga mat

Founded in 2015, Ivory Ella donates 10% of its net proceeds to Save the Elephants, a nonprofit research and conservation organization dedicated to ending poaching as well as researching and conserving elephants around the globe. Get this yoga mat for $49.


2. Savannah Stone Bracelets from Savannah

Jewelry to benefit animals

Savannah is dedicated to saving Africa's lions, which are estimated to have disappeared from more than 80% of their historical range on the continent. Each month, Savannah donates 10% of its profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network; the full donation goes directly to the Niassa Lion Project. Even more awesome: All items are handmadeCheck out their bracelets, from $14.99.


3. American Flag Print Short Sleeve from Makai Clothing Company

Clothing to help animals

Every year, thousands of hatchling turtles emerge from their nests along the Southeast U.S. and journey to the ocean; sadly, only one in 1,000 survive to adulthood. Makai Clothing Company supports sea turtle conservation by donating 10% of all its net profits. Get the American Flag Print Short Sleeve for $25.99.


4. Cub Short - Black from Animal Behavior

Cub Shorts.jpg

Animal Behavior's tagline is, "Inspired by Nature to Protect Nature." Love it. Each collection features a different critically endangered species in an effort to raise awareness and spur conservation. The current collection, Amur Leopard, donates 5% of all proceeds to benefit leopard conservation. Shop the collection here (prices vary; Cub Short, shown above, $108).


5. Women's Protect Our Elephants Loose Tank - Bark from Wildlife Works

Items that support global animal conservation

Wildlife Works' mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation. They call it Consumer Powered ConservationsmThe purchase of this 100% organic cotton tank goes directly to supporting jobs that protect elephants and other wildlife at Wildlife Works' sanctuary. Buy it here for $30.


Do good, look good. Sometimes, it's just that simple. Let us know if you end up buying any of the above items!

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